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Staff List

Mrs N Ali                                Primary & Early Years Support Assistant

​Mrs R Anderson                    Early Years Support Assistant

Miss H Baigrie                      EarlyYears Educator

Mrs N Boyle                         Early Years Support Assistant

Mr M Brash                            Active Schools Coordinator

Mrs E Burns                           Class Teacher

Mrs A  Byers                           Class Teacher

Mrs L Callan                            Primary & Early Years Support Assistant

​Ms L Carmichael                    Primary & Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs K Christie                         Supporting Learners Teacher

Mr P Clark                               Facilities Assistant

Mrs A  Coupe                         Class Teacher

Mr R Cowieson                       Woodwind Instructor

Mrs N Crowe                          Class Teacher/Curriculum Leader

Mrs A Dickson                        Admin Officer

Mrs C Docherty                      Early Years Practitioner

Mr D Dowell                           Brass Instructor

Miss A Easton                         Learning and Care Assistant

Mrs A Evetts                           Class Teacher

Miss J Gilchrist                       Learning and Care Assistant

Ms C Gibson                          Kodaly Teacher

Mrs C Greig                             Class  Teacher

Mr S Henderson                     Principal Teacher/ Additional Support Needs Teacher

Mrs O Hill                                Class Teacher

Ms X Hooper                          Speech and Language Therapist

Mrs A Howett                         Class Teacher

Mrs C Ingram                          Class Teacher

Mrs A James                           Principal, Supporting Learners/Acting Depute Head Teacher

Mrs J Knox                              Class Teacher

Mr A Larmour                         Facilities Assistant

Mrs L Malone                        Class Teacher

Mrs R Malcolm                      Class Teacher

Mrs L Martin                            Class Teacher

Mrs N Mathers                       Class Teacher/Curriculum Leader​

Miss A McCrae                       Class Teacher/Curriculum Leader

Miss M McFadyen                  Strings Instructor

Mrs L McGechie                      Learning and Care Assistant

Mrs L McGovern                    Priamry and EarlyYears Support Assistant 

Mrs F McGregor                     Class Teacher

Mrs S McKenzie                      Additional Support Needs Teacher

Mrs B McLeod                        Class Teacher

Mrs A McLorinan                   Principal Teacher 

Mrs M McManus                    Learning and Care Assistant

Rev S McMillan                      School Chaplain

Ms R McWalter                      Class Teacher

Mrs K McInnes                          Educational Psychologist

​Mrs L Munro                          Senior Early Years Educator

Mrs J Nek                                Primary & Early Years Support Assistant

​Mrs K Petrie                            Class Teacher

Mrs K Ramsay                        Class Teacher/Curriculum Leader

Mrs L Rew                               Depute Head Teacher

Mrs A Robb                            Acting Principal Teacher

Miss P Robertson                   Piano Instructor

Mrs S Rossiter                        Additional Support Needs Teacher

Mr E Smith                             Head Teacher

Mrs H Stewart                        Learning & Care Assistant

Miss L Tate                             Primary & Early Years Support Assistant

Miss H Taylor                        Early Years Educator

Miss W Thompson                 Class Teacher

Mr R Toller                             School Chaplain  

Miss S Verrall                       Primary and Early Years Support Assistant         

Mr P Wilson                            School and Family Development Worker

Mrs K Winter                          Primary & Early Years Support Assistant

Mrs G Zimny                          Primary and Early Years Support Assistant


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